Horrifying 'Hairy Leg' Stockings Try to Stop Perverts -- but Who Would Wear Them? (VIDEO)

hairy legsA pair of INSANE Chinese stockings designed to guard against unwanted male attention and potential perverts are getting a lot of attention. The stockings are covered with black, curly hair -- the kind of hair you might see on an old, Mediterranean man rather than a young, sprightly female. They are both genius and horror show wrapped into one somewhat disturbing package.

For many women, the thought of having hair anywhere on their bodies is horrifying. I shave every day pretty much no matter what is going on, but even if I skipped a day, my legs wouldn't look like these. We are talking Big Foot here. And you know what? Sick as it is, it just might work.

Warding off gropers just got a lot more fun. See below:


Here are a couple other ideas for anti-grope accessories:

  • An "Ask Me About My Genital Herpes" t-shirt: This could be a big red t-shirt with yellow lettering announcing to the world that, yes, you have sores on your private parts and, yes, you want to talk about it. Because nothing says "hello pervert" like herpes. Right?
  • A clear plastic bag full of empty yeast infection cartons: Just casually hang out with your empty applicators and boxes. Announce to the world that, yes, you have yeast and, no, you aren't ashamed.
  • Armpit toupes: Wear a tank top and display your armpit rug PROUDLY. Yeah, that's you with a thick bush under your arms. You're not ashamed!

OK, in all seriousness, focusing all the attention on the woman and the way she is dressed is a huge part of blaming the victim. A woman should be able to wear a red dress with a slit up her thighs and not be touched by a man she doesn't want.

Even if this did stop men from groping you, it might not stop mean or lewd comments directed at you. It seems unlikely that any self-respecting woman would actually wear these when she can simply grow her own leg hair if she so chooses. But if she did, it would have nothing to do with warding off gropers. It just might be how she chooses to express herself.

Do you think these would work?


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