5 Ways to Look Stunning in Colored Eyeliner

One of the most fun and flattering beauty trends right now is the liberal use of colored eyeliner. It's everywhere, from celebs on the red carpet to models on the runways, and for good reaason: it's totally flattering! If you're worried you'll end up looking like a 12-year-old who stole Granny's blue eyeshadow, fear not. Here are five very easy, ultra pretty ways to work colored eyeliner.


1. Do a navy, dark violet or forest green cat-eye.

I love a classic liquid liner cat eye in black, but using a dark, colored liner adds a nice twist. A darker color is a good step if you're hesitant to try colored eyeliner -- it's different, and can really compliment your eyes, but it's still subtle.

I love my Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Liner in Purple Amethyst in Purple Amethyst. It's a gorgeous color and quite easy to apply.($7.49 at Drugstore.com)

Another great option is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Forest Green. ($20 at Sephora.com), and the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Navy is really easy to use. ($16 at HSN.com)

2. Match your liner to the color of your eyes (celebs like Jennifer Lawrence do this a lot).

Line just the tops of your lids, the just inside of your lower lids, or both with a shade that matches your eye color, and your eyes will look even more beautiful than usual. Experiment with layering colored liner over a light brown for a more subtle color look. If you just want color on the top, you can leave your lower eyelid bare, or use your usual dark brown, gray or even black liner on the bottom. A nice, neutral taupe or bone colored shadow can also work on your upper lid; so can a pretty copper.

Here are some great eyeliners to try:

Blue eyes: Buxom Hold The Line Eyeliner in "Sparkling Denim Blue" ($17 at Sephora.com)

Gray eyes: Nars 'Larger Than Life' Long Wear Eyeliner in "Madison Avenue"  ($24 at nordstrom.com)

Green eyes: Lancome's Artliner in Metallic Forest Green ($30 at LandomeUSA.com)

Hazel eyes: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner in  "Glam Hazel Eyes" ($10.95 at DrugStore.com)

Brown eyes: Buxom Hold The Line Eyeliner in "Here's My Number"  ($17 at Sephora.com)

3. Make like Kourtney Kardashian in blue eyeliner, and go for a color-enhancing or subtly contrasting color.

Physician's Formula makes a great set called Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Color Trio   for blues, greens, hazels and browns. Each set comes with three eyeliner pencils that you can wear alone or blend together, designed to enhance the color of your eyes. They're great fun! ($10.95 for the set at physiciansformula.com)

Or try one of these individual liners:

For browns and greens, try purple: Anne Hathaway wore Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Orchid to the last Met Ball. ($24 at LauraMercier.com)  

For hazel, try this gorgeous, gold-flecked teal: Almay's I-Color Defining Eyeliner in Teal Hazel. ($7.99 at Ulta.com)

For blues, copper looks stunning: Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner. ($22 at at Sephora.com)

4. Go bright and bold!

Such a pretty, fun look to do a bold swipe of a bright colored liner, either just along your top lid, or underneath as well.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes is a truly excellent, long-lasting liner. The turquoise is a beautiful, bright color that will look great in a thick line on your upper lid (alone or on top of shadow). $18 at Sephora

5. Pair your colored eyeliner with a colored mascara for a little extra oomph.

Try: BeneFit BadGal Plum Mascara  ($19 at BenefitCosmetics.com) or 'Diorshow' Iconic Mascara in navy ($28 at Nordstrom.com)

Do you wear colored eyeliner?


Last image via image via SMercury88/Flickr

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