Gwen Stefani & Family’s Matching Outfits Are as Bizarre as They Are Fabulous (PHOTO)

gwen stefani and familyGwen Stefani, her husband Gavin Rossdale, and their two sons Kingston and Zuma attended the Monsters University premiere in Los Angeles on Monday and wore fantastically color-coordinated outfits. Sticking with a palette of black, light blue, and white, the family of four is the first ever to make matchy matchy outfits look really damn cool. I mean, Gwen's red-lipped pop of color even matches Zuma's red P.O.C. on his shirt. This family really understands how to make a collective fashion statement, and I'm happy to recognize their effort.


Even though Dad seems a little reluctant to participate (where's his blue or red?!), he still gets props for going along with the whole thing. Gavin must get that a family that dresses together stays together, and he didn't want to rock the boat.

Plus, since Gwen's a fashion icon, as well as a very successful designer, I'm sure he leaves the outfit selection totally up to her. And maybe to Zuma, too, because that boy is working it.

The best part about their ensemble is that it's somehow summery and rocker-ish at the same time. How Gwen pulled that off, I'm not sure, but the sky blues, whites, and blacks scream Hamptons and Death Metal in beautifully perfect unison.

Well done, Stefani-Rossdale clan. You're an inspiration to us all.

Do you ever dress your family in color-coordinating outfits?


Photo via Splash News

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