Katy Perry’s Transformation From Makeup-Free to All Made Up Is Truly Stunning (VIDEO)

katy perryEvery day we're bombarded with images of gorgeous celebrities with long, shiny hair, flawless makeup, and perfect skin. And after looking at these women, and then looking at ourselves, we often wind up feeling like shit, because what we're comparing ourselves to is totally unrealistic and unattainable. Why doesn't my hair look like Kim Kardashian's? Because Kim's is fake, honey. Why doesn't my skin look like Gwyneth Paltrow's? Because Gwyneth spends more than we all make in a year to glow like that. It's impossible for the average person to look like a star. So, when a celebrity is brave enough to forgo all makeup and smoke and mirrors and share their insecurities, well, that's just dandy. It makes us, their fans, feel less crappy about our appearances.

Vogue recently released a video that features Katy Perry before the pop star puts on her lashes, her hair, and her makeup. Katy is gorgeous any way you slice it, but in this video, she really, truly is "just like us". Check it out:


That, my friends, is a lot of primping. I don't think any of us were under the impression that Katy was one of Hollywood's more natural-looking stars, but this is work right here! And it's proof that looking like Katy Perry is pretty much out of the question for anyone who isn't equipped with hair and makeup artists, as well as perfect lighting and real-life PhotoShop.

I love that Katy did this. And I also love that she admitted she's insecure about her skin. It shows that there's a "real" side to celebrities, as opposed to the airbrushed versions we're so used to seeing. And that's nice. Because it paints a much more realistic picture for the rest of us. 

What do you think of this?


Image via AmericanVogue/YouTube

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