Actress’ See-Through Polka Dot Dress Is a Red Carpet Disaster (PHOTO)

brittany snowIf there was ever any doubt that sheer fabric and polka dots spelled out fashion disaster, here's your proof. Actress Brittany Snow attended the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto last night and looked rather ridiculous on the red carpet. The 27-year-old Pitch Perfect actress missed the note with this crazy ensemble.


There was, however, a silver lining. Brittany's hot pink lips looked awesome and so did her lightly-tousled blond hair and hot pink clutch.

Back to this horrible dress. It would've been OK had it stopped just above her knee, but the sheer overlay that scraped the floor does not do anyone any favors. It's trying to be fashion forward, but really it's just a fashion fail.

Brittany's not alone -- sheer overlay looks bad on everyone. Well, everyone expect Blake Lively, who somehow managed to still look gorgeous in this white canopy dress she wore to the Green Lantern premiere.

But Brittany's misstep here is excusable. She took a risk and it didn't pay off. A for effort. F for fashion flop.

Thankfully, she looked so great in neon yellow at the People's Choice Awards that we can forgive her almost every sin. As long as she promises never to wear this sheer polka dot mess again, she'll forever be in our good graces.

And where else would anyone hope to be?

What do you think of Brittany's dress?


Photo via JagGundu/Getty

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