Miss USA Erin Brady: 7 Things to Know About the Newly Crowned Beauty Queen

Miss USA was crowned last night and the winner was 25-year-old Miss Connecticut Erin Brady. Hey, my home state! I wouldn't say Connecticut is exactly known for its beauty queens, so this is quite a surprise! And unlike Miss Utah, Miss Connecticut actually made some sense when she answered her "smart" question -- which was whether the widespread DNA testing of criminals was a good idea. "If someone is being prosecuted and committed a crime, it should happen. There are so many crimes that if that's one step closer to stopping them, then we should be able to do so," said Erin, not exactly sounding like a young Hillary Clinton, but at least not mangling her grammar. Here are seven things you should know about the new Miss USA.


- Erin works as an accountant in Hartford, Connecticut. Well, she used to. Her crown means she will now travel the globe and live in an apartment in Manhattan.

- Erin was a finance major at Central Connecticut State University. (My undergrad alma mater!)

- Erin will work to bring a focus on helping children cope with the effects of drug and alcohol use in their families -- something Erin says she had to deal with growing up. She'll also bring awareness to the pageant's official cause, breast cancer.

- Erin's grandmother used to tell Erin and her sister to "prance around the pool like Miss America."

- Erin said on Twitter this is a dream she's had "since I was a little girl."

- Erin is engaged to Tony Capasso, who urged her to compete without makeup. It doesn't appear she did that, unless she was born with full and perfect makeup.

- Erin is from East Hampton but lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Where I'm from! Dang, we're like twins! (Since Erin is from GHood, here are a few things she might do that only a local would know: Eats at Plan B, a popular restaurant. Shops for produce at Rose's Berry Farm. Hikes at Cotton Hollow. Drinks at The Diamond.)

No doubt Erin is an absolute beauty who deserves her award, but being from Connecticut, which is still reeling from the Newtown massacre, probably helped her. Connecticut needed some nice news. Congrats, homegirl!

Did you watch Miss USA? Did you agree with the winner?

Image via NBC

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