Taylor Swift Does the Impossible in a Skin-Tight Bandage Dress (PHOTO)

Taylor SwiftForget even trying to come off as sweet and innocent -- Taylor Swift's black and white dress that she wore to the Canadian MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto has sexy and sophisticated written all over it.

Man -- does she have the ideal figure for a skin-tight bandage dress like this or what? (Enjoy it now honey. Your hips will catch up and refuse to cooperate at some point down the road. You just wait.)


And even though this dress looks like it was practically painted on her body, it's that snug, it still doesn't come off as the least bit trashy. (Not an easy feat with something this fitted.) It's super-sexy, yes -- but there's a big difference between wearing something tight and having it look sexy versus appearing slutty, which usually comes as a result of trying way too hard.

This dress leaves nothing to the imagination and hugs every curve of her body, but since it's not too short or low-cut, it gets the job done without taking away from Taylor's nice-girl vibe.

And honestly, now that she's 23, she should really think about giving up the whole squeaky-clean thing once and for all -- at least when it comes to her fashion choices. Seriously, what's the point of trying to maintain an image that really doesn't suit her anymore? It's obvious that she's growing up, and considering she won Fave International Artist of the Year for this particular awards ceremony, it's clear that throwing a little more sex appeal into the mix isn't hurting her career in the slightest.

That being said, this little black and white number is probably a big enough style risk for Taylor for the time being. Maybe once she turns 25, she can think about exposing a little more skin. For now, she's probably best sticking to dresses that cling to her like glue but at least cover her up adequately. (She needs a much older ex-boyfriend before she can really let it all hang out.)

What do you think of Taylor's dress?


Image via Jag Gundu/Getty

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