7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Boring Old Ponytail (PHOTOS)

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My hair has FINALLY grown past my shoulders again after an awful chop job two Januarys ago. (A horror story for another time -- let's just say I said a "few" inches and he heard "a foot." I'm also pretty sure he used garden shears. But I digress.) Hooray! I've waited so long! And yet, the ironic thing is that I so rarely wear it down! Yep, most of the time my hard-earned long(ish) hair is up in a ponytail. Especially during the summer, when I can't stand the extra heat of hair on my neck, the ponytail is my stand-by. Ponytails are easy, but they can get kind of boring. However, with a little extra effort, our ponytails can be super cute and chic hair styles!

I got some great tips from a couple of stylists: Kattia Solano of the Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC, and celeb stylist Jonathan Hanousek, who shared a how-to from a style he created for Brooke Burke. I also added in a few ideas of my own (the last one is my favorite!)...


Image courtesy of Butterfly Studio Salon

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