Jennifer Lopez's Crazy Tight Dress Looks Like It Was Painted On (PHOTO)

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez knows how to make a fashion statement. The singer, actress, entrepreneur, and momma of twins stepped out to the amFAR gala last night, benefiting AIDS research, and stunned in a body-hugging metallic blue and lace floor-length gown. Almost every inch of her body was covered in fabric, yet J. Lo managed to ooze sexiness and confidence. It's a look she's certainly perfected over her 20 years in the spotlight.

There is, however, one thing wrong with J. Lo's outfit.

She doesn't wear it better.

If you recognize this Tom Ford dress, it's likely because Rupert Sanders' now ex-wife Liberty Ross wore it to the Snow White premiere, and those pictures of Rupert and her went flying around last summer after news of his affair with Kristen Stewart broke.

Liberty definitely wears the dress better, but Jennifer 100 percent wins when it comes to the makeup she wore with the gown. Liberty's dark lips distracted from the outfit, while J. Lo's soft makeup palette lets the dress shine on its own. They both get points for their hair -- slicked back and shiny was the only way to go.

Here's hoping the dress makes another appearance soon. Who knew that a mock-turtleneck, long-sleeve gown made of sequins and net could look so damn good?

Who do you think wore it better?


Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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Irela... Ireland69

JLo has the body and Liberty doesn't!!!

Derek W. Newell


nonmember avatar JLO SKANK

JLO looks like a common whore.

Linda Mazzeo

Lindsney with her black underwear showing are you kidding me
Jennifer blew it away she looks great and should be proud

nonmember avatar BSewingLady

JLo "clearly" (couldn't resits that one)wore the dress better BECAUSE she wore skin-toned underwear with it. Liberty work black underwear! Otherwise, it would have been Liberty because she rocked the dark lip.

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