8 Easy Steps to Creating Soft Curls for Romantic 'Goddess' Hair

hair curled with curling ironOur favorite stars and the models in shampoo ads always seem to be flaunting long, gorgeous, softly curled hair in styles fit for princesses.

They make it look so effortless to get flowing, wavy locks, but when we try to copy the style at home, it never comes out looking as naturally beautiful as theirs does.

Well, fear not. We have the tips you need for those romantic "Greek goddess" curls right here!


Step 1 -- Separate damp hair into two sections.

Step 2 -- Fasten the upper layers of your hair to the crown of your head with clips and start working first on the under layers.

Step 3 -- Begin by misting hair with a thermal protection spray.

Step 4 -- Split hair into smaller sections and work on those one at a time.

Step 5 -- Use a 1-inch curling iron or larger to create loose, vertical, spiral curls.

Step 6 -- Set each curl with hairspray.

Step 7 -- When you're finished curling the under layers, get to work on the upper layers, using the thermal protection spray on each new section.

Step 8 -- Finger comb curls when finished.

See how it's done here:

See? Easy. And the results are simply stunning!

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Would you ever use a curling iron to style your hair at home, or don't you have time?

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