8 Beauty Sins I Committed in My 20s That I Really Regret (PHOTOS)

woman in newportI'm not even going to try and be humble about it. I was a hot ticket 10 years ago -- back in my 20s when gravity, hormones, and a slowing metabolism hadn't caught up with me yet.

I knew I looked good (as obnoxious as that sounds) -- and that's probably why I didn't worry too much about using my common sense when it came to my beauty routine. I was super-naive and figured I'd simply gotten good genes and would never have to worry about the aging process rearing its ugly head.

But now that I'm about to turn 36 in a couple months (yikes!), I honestly wish I could go back in time and give myself a swift kick in the rear end for committing as many beauty sins as I did.


If only I'd paid a little more attention to the possible permanent damage I was doing to my appearance (not to mention my health), maybe I could still get away with telling people I'm 28. Ok, that may be pushing it a little. But I probably could pass for 30 had I realized how important it was to take care of myself.

Check out these photos to see 8 beauty mistakes I really regret making back in my 20s.


Image via Mary Fischer

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