Reese Witherspoon Flashes Bare Bottom in Crazy Wardrobe Malfunction


reese witherspoonAnd to think, it was only a few weeks ago that the nation still thought of Reese Witherspoon as America's Sweetheart. First, there was the drunken arrest. Now there's the wardrobe malfunction. The bare-bottomed wardrobe malfunction, to be exact. Truth be told, this was an honest mishap and could have happened to anyone, but yowza! What a different side we're seeing of Reese these days -- literally.

You kind of have to feel bad for the woman, because all she's doing in the photo is walking. Reese probably just wanted to get an iced coffee, then an unfortunate confluence of events occurred -- the wind blew just so; there were 30 people manically snapping her picture; and she was wearing what appears to be a microscopic nude thong underneath her skirt. What are the chances besides high if it's a windy day and you're a celebrity who's wearing a short skirt with very little underneath? Poor Reese and her wardrobe malfunction.

If it's any consolation, she has a fantastic bum, and this totally doesn't seem like one of those planned-for-publicity wardrobe malfunctions. It appears to be an honest to goodness mistake. But perhaps this will inspire Reese to thrown on a pair of bloomers underneath her short, flouncy skirts. Just a thought.

What do you think of this?

Image via Splash

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BGarcel BGarcel

I think the word 'crazy' doesnt belong in the title of this article. Oh, and it could have been worse... she could have been wearing granny panties.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Sensible knickers would have been better than bare butt. 

BGarcel BGarcel

A friend said he checked out the photos (he has a huge crush on her so not totally unexpected...) and he said it looks like she is wearing nude or flesh colored panties. But the site he went to said she is commando.

nonmember avatar james

everybody is being very sluttish these days,its not very appealing... you might as well throw her in that group of women who show there backside kim kardashian,rihanna,miley,and any other sluts i can think of. Just think i once thought Reese had class, maybe thats why she constantly gets dump on like toilet tissue.

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