Katie Holmes Makes Tan Lines Look Sexy -- Here's How She Does It (PHOTO)

Katie HolmesSigh. Sometimes a girl just can't catch a break. Katie Holmes' one-shoulder white dress is causing quite the stir, and unfortunately for her, comments about her choice of attire for the Coach party at The High Line aren't exactly positive.

Some people think she committed a major fashion no-no with this dress -- all because of the thin tan line that's exposed on her left shoulder. (Eye roll.)

I know, I had to look really, really closely at this photo to see it too -- that's how unnoticeable and minuscule it is.


Um, hello? It's June. And that means all of us are exposed to the sun a lot more, making tan lines kind of inevitable.

And you know what? I think they're kind of sexy. Especially if they're really thin like the one Katie has going on. The line shows that she's healthy, you know, because she's getting a good dose of vitamin D and fresh air and all that good stuff.

Tan lines are also typically associated with swimwear, so you know what any dude who sees her in this dress is immediately going to think of, right? Yep -- her chilling out on the beach in a tiny bikini. And since she's single (maybe) and ready to mingle (maybe) -- throwing an extra element of sex appeal out there certainly can't hurt.

Now, it would be a totally different story if she'd had really, really wide white tan lines that stuck out like a sore thumb. If your tan lines are so obvious that upon first glance, you actually appear to be wearing a tank top under your dress -- then you've got a problem and might want to think about choosing a more modest option from your closet.

But if you have a couple itty-bitty tan lines like Katie's? Go ahead and dare to bare. Odds are good you'll look just as hot with 'em as she does.

Do exposed tan lines turn you off?


Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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