9 Hot Neon Nail Polishes You Won't Be Able to Resist (PHOTOS)

neonNeon is a hot trend right now, but trend or not, it's always a super fun look for summer nails (fingers and toes!). Even if you tend toward the more conservative side with the rest of your style and makeup and would never, say, wear a bright red lipstick, nails are like little islands of their own, and a great place to go a bit wild. Neons look ultra fab with a tan (faux of course!) and brighten up your whole look in a really fun, lighthearted way. To me they say, YEAH FOR SUMMER!

Here are some of the best individual shades and neon nail kits that are just waiting for you to play with them! But first, a quick tip: paint your nails with a coat of white polish before you go for a coat of neon. It will really help the color stand out!

(P.S.: That's my daughter and me at the pool with our neon toes!)

Can you see yourself with a neon mani or pedi?

  • Essie "Saturday Disco Fever"


    Image via Dermstore

    Essie "Saturday Disco Fever" is part of Essie's club-themed line for summer 2013 (all with fabulous names, of course!). I love this hot coral -- it's the PERF shade to show off your tan. ($8 at salons, drugstores or Dermstore.com)

  • American Apparel's Classic Neon Pink


    Image via American Apparel 

    I must confess, this bubblegum American Apparel neon pink polish gets my heart a-racin'. Plus, it's made in the USA, cruelty free, and quite affordable. ($6 at americanapparel.net) 

  • Butter London "Cake Hole" Nail Lacquer


    Image via Butter London

    If you don't want something so, SO bright, Butter London describes their "Cake Hole" Nail Lacquer as "nearly neon pink" and a "pink creme so bright, it can’t be wrong!" It's a gorgeous color. ($15 at ButterLondon.com)

  • Illamasqua"Rare"


    Image via Sephora

    Illamasqua "Rare" is about the brightest bright neon yellow you can get. Move over sunshine, here you come! ($17 at Sephora.com)

  • Revlon Neon Nail Art "Ultra Violet"


    Image via Target

    Revlon's neon nail art tubes come with two polishes: a white base coat and the neon color. Crafty! This "Ultra Violet" shade is a great pick for something edgy and bright but not as "out there" as some of the other options. Baby steps. ($6.49 at Target.com)

  • Intoxicated Electric Limoncello


    Image via Sephora

    Sephora's neon collection "The Electrics" has a bunch of great colors, but I particularly like this unusual shade, aptly called "Intoxicated."  They describe it as "electric limoncello" which sounds like something I'd actually love to sip on, pool-side whilst I admire my super cool nails. ($9.50 at Sephora)

  • Scandalous and Notorious


    Image via Nicole by OPI

    Nicole by OPI recently release two limited edition mini collections, "Scandalous! Neons" and "Notorious Neons!" Each kit come with three neon shades (I love the vibrant blue in the "Scandalous kit!)), plus a white (that of course you can also wear alone). ($10 each at CVS and Duane Reede)

  • Corrupted Neons Manicure Set


    Image via Sephora

    SO. COOL. So, this Ciate Corrupted Neon sets come with glitter that you can sprinkle over your wet polish for extra dazzle, plus a top coat that GLOWS IN THE DARK. I'm partial to this "Foam Party" blue set, but it also comes in "Club Tropicana" (orange), "Shout Out" (pink), and "Megaphone" (yellow). ($25 for the set at Sephora)

  • Coming Soon! OPI Neon Revolution Kit


    Image via OPI

    OPI's limited edition Neon Revolution mini pack launches in July. Can't wait! The fab kit comes stocked with a four limited edition fluorescent nail lacquers, a neon white base coat, and OPI Top Coat. Keep your eyes peeled at salons and OPI.com!

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