7 Ways to Stop Your Hair From Frizzing Out in the Heat

hairWhether it's a hot, humid day in the city or a breezy evening at the beach, it's almost impossible to keep your hair in check during the summer, and most of us will have to battle the frizz. While a few of you lucky ones get great body and soft curls from the humidity, the rest of us get unruly 'fros that cannot be tamed.

That is, until now. Here are 7 ways to keep your hair from frizzing out this summer.

  1. Don't wash your hair every day. The natural oils in your scalp are the best defrizzing agents out there, so stop washing them out every morning!
  2. Use a deep conditioner when you do wash. The more moisturized your locks, the less likely they are to freak out when they encounter other sources of moisture, like humidity, rain, and sea-spray.
  3. Blow-drying is frizzies' worst nightmare. Contrary to what you may think, blowing your hair dry actually prevents frizziness. Finish off your session on the "cool" setting to ensure those follicles lay flat.
  4. Use a shine serum. Avoid any with alcohol (those can be drying) and rub a penny-sized amount through your blow-dryed hair. Not only will it make your hair shiny and glossy, but it'll stave off frizziness, as well.
  5. Finish with an anti-frizz spray ... if you want. I'm under the impression that these only work if you have curls you want to protect from frizz, not straight hair, so use accordingly.
  6. Get regular haircuts. The healthier those ends are, the less likely they'll do you wrong.
  7. Try a hair mask. There are tons of all-natural, D.I.Y. hair masks you can make at home that promise moisturized, healthy, unfrizzy locks.

How do you keep the frizz at bay during the summer months?


Photo via JohnGoode/Flickr

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