Melissa McCarthy's Double Chin Magically Disappears in Terribly PhotoShopped Movie Poster (PHOTO)

melissa mccarthy movie posterMelissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock play badass buddy cops fighting a Russian mobster in their new comedy The Heat. But one of the biggest jokes the flick has spawned so far has nothing to do with the wacky plot or the kooky cast: The new U.K. poster for the film, which so obviously chopped off Melissa's face and neck in a case of gratuitous, post-production PhotoShop

I mean, what entertainment biz upper mucky muck approves stuff like this? Who do they think they're kidding? It's not like we don't realize that the funny woman has a double chin. What's more, it's not like we CARE.


Do they really think that cutting and airbrushing Melissa -- or any actress, for that matter ... OMG, do you remember this horror show? -- within an inch of their lives is going to sway us to see a film? Is a double chin or a few wrinkles so much of a turnoff that we're going to say, "Nope, I think I'll get tix for The Internship instead!"? Pffft, come on!

Actually, I would think pulling something like this is actually more likely to keep potential movie-goers at bay. Because it's completely insulting our intelligence. How dumb must they think we are to buy that Melissa McCarthy magically got rid of her double chin for this movie? And if they think we're that dumb -- or at least, that superficial -- the flick itself must not be much to write home about!

Bottom-line: No one expects movie stars to be flawless, and we love them just the way they are. So Hollywood, please ... cut it out with the "stealthy" cutting out of something we totally know is there.

How annoying is this PhotoShop disaster? Do you feel like it insults your intelligence?


Image via 20th Century Fox

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