Woman Gets 16-Inch Waist From Wearing Corsets & Gives New Meaning to Scary Thin

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corsetI really do want to believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How else do you explain face tattoos and lip implants. Some trends, however, defy all reason. One in particular is using a corset to whittle your waist down to a disturbingly small size. Michele Kobke spent three years sleeping in the restrictive gear in order to get down to a 16-inch waist. To give you some perspective, that's about the circumference of a melon.

I'm not going to lie. I am constantly working toward a skinnier midsection. It is the reason I avoid bloat-inducing bread and endure an endless number of annoying crunches. But this is ridiculous. To be frank, it looks as though she was pulled like taffy and her middle thinned out too much.

Michele, however, is overjoyed with the way she looks. Once measuring 25 inches, she credits her 16-inch waist with giving her "more feminine" movement. She even wants to go smaller. Michele's not the least bit concerned by the fact that her muscles are now so weak, it's hard for her to stand without a corset. Not to mention she can't eat a normal meal (she eats 10 tiny ones per day) and she gets breathless very easily.

It's always so perplexing when someone goes to such extremes for the sake of beauty. What Michele has done looks incredibly painful, which totally distracts from what a lovely person she probably is. All I can do is look at the impossibly small waist and feel a bit sick to my own, ample stomach.

Watch video of Michele's tiny waist:

What do you think of using a corset to get a waistline this small?



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Victo... Victoria0785

Oh the health issues! I would love to be thinner, but not at the expense of my health!

nonmember avatar Hollie

I rather like the tight-lacing look (though I personally wouldn't want to go down more than 4 inches in size), but it sounds like this woman isn't healthy in her methods. A person should be able to stand without trouble when they take off their corset. The fact that she has troubles standing without a corset tells me she has been neglecting her health in order to achieve a small waist.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Jesus. I have an all natural 23 inch waist and I thought that was tiny! I think the world record holder for a smaller waist had one that was like 14 inches or something like that.

blunt... bluntcakes

My natural waist is 30" but when I wear my corset it goes down to 26" please remember corset training can be accomplished for a pin up look, this is just like any other body modification and not necessarily just because someone wants to look thin

Jespren Jespren

At one point in time this was 'normal', at least one queen actually *banned* waists over 16 inches in her court. But, just like 4 inch feet from foot binding, I think it's good it's no longer in style.

Erica... Erica.g103

ugh it's disgusting. i can imagine her back breaking if she fell over. her back has no support! D:

MamaM... MamaMay007

It used to be that women's sizes were measured the same way men's were, in inches around the waist.  Being a size 16 was considered fat then.  Girls as young as 7 or 8 would be wearing waist training corsets.  It was and is totally unhealthy to do too. 

Amanda Pfeiffer

Corsets and waist training with them is old yes, years gone by the extremes they went to for the corsets shrink the waist lift the twins ect.  It wasn't just in women men use to use corsets to keep them selves looking fit and a certian size plus under uniforms it would make them look better less known but it happened as well.  Organs were injuried, medical issues, breathing ability reduced, ribs broken and things re shaped and squished.  But in the current world, women have had ribs professionally broken or removed to corset into a smaller size

nonmember avatar Jessica

If she has issues standing with out the corset, she didnt follow the one most important rule of waist training. To work out the mid section while not wearing the corset. Doing it to extremes, CAN be dangerous and unhealthy, yes. However, a 4-6 inch reduction is not completely unhealthy. This is like any other Body Mod, it is done to achieve a certain look desired by the wearer. To some this is, to quote previous commentators, "disgusting" and/or "inhumane", and to others (if done safely and properly) is beautiful. It is not always done to appear "thinner" but mostly to make the hourglass figure more predominate. Women dye their hair, wear makeup and and in some cases, have surgery to achieve their desired look...yet cutting pieces of yourself off or shoving foreign objects under your muscles is more widely excepted than simply cinching a waistline. Beauty can be found in all forms and in the strangest of places. Simply because YOU dont not find something attractive, in NO way means the next person wont. If this woman is happy with her reduction and the affect it has had on her body, who are any of us to judge her or spew negative comments?

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