Woman Gets 16-Inch Waist From Wearing Corsets & Gives New Meaning to Scary Thin

corsetI really do want to believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How else do you explain face tattoos and lip implants. Some trends, however, defy all reason. One in particular is using a corset to whittle your waist down to a disturbingly small size. Michele Kobke spent three years sleeping in the restrictive gear in order to get down to a 16-inch waist. To give you some perspective, that's about the circumference of a melon.


I'm not going to lie. I am constantly working toward a skinnier midsection. It is the reason I avoid bloat-inducing bread and endure an endless number of annoying crunches. But this is ridiculous. To be frank, it looks as though she was pulled like taffy and her middle thinned out too much.

Michele, however, is overjoyed with the way she looks. Once measuring 25 inches, she credits her 16-inch waist with giving her "more feminine" movement. She even wants to go smaller. Michele's not the least bit concerned by the fact that her muscles are now so weak, it's hard for her to stand without a corset. Not to mention she can't eat a normal meal (she eats 10 tiny ones per day) and she gets breathless very easily.

It's always so perplexing when someone goes to such extremes for the sake of beauty. What Michele has done looks incredibly painful, which totally distracts from what a lovely person she probably is. All I can do is look at the impossibly small waist and feel a bit sick to my own, ample stomach.

Watch video of Michele's tiny waist:

What do you think of using a corset to get a waistline this small?

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