This Summer I'm Showing Off the Body Part I Love Most & So Should You

Summer is here, though you wouldn't really know it today, judging by the pounding rain on my New York City window. I love summer. I love heat. I love getting to wear less clothes. A lot of people avoid it, but I love it. HOWEVER. I admit the clothes I'm wearing are the same clothes I wore three summers ago. Maybe even seven. I've lost track. I'm really crappy at buying clothes. I have no motivation for it. I hate shopping in crowds. I hate the racks that look like a hurricane hit them. And I'm cheap. So there. But this summer will be different! For this summer I've made a vow to myself. I'm going to show off a body part.


Few people like everything about their bodies -- but you can usually find at least one body part you're proud of. Maybe it's your arms. Your boobs. Your knees?

For me, it's my legs. I run, I take step classes, I do yoga. My legs are looking pretty good these days, less like the sticks they were when I was younger. I do all of that work during the winter, when they're covered up, so why not show them off when I can?

One reason would be that I'm no spring chick anymore -- so maybe mini-skirts are a tad declassé. But to hell with that way of thinking. I'm going to show off my LEGS. Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow has inspired me. People accused me of being jealous of Gwynnie's gams. Hardly. Look at my legs!! I will leg spar with Gwyneth any day! She might win, but I'd come in second!

I went and bought a mini-skirt. I got it at Lululemon, so I guess it's meant to be a workout skirt, but I don't care. I liked it because it has shorts built into them. That way I don't have to worry about anyone getting a looksie up my skirt on the subway, nor pulling a Kate Middleton/Kim Kardashian/Marilyn Monroe wardrobe malfunction if a gust of wind hits just right. Genius!

I think the skirt looked pretty good, but I can't wear a black miniskirt all summer. So I want to buy more colors. Hopefully I can find more with shorts built in. Why doesn't more designers make those?? (Hint, hint!)

No matter if you're trying to lose a few pounds, or gain a few, or work out more, there's probably one body part you're pretty happy with. Why not show it off?

Which is your favorite body part? Do you show it off?

Image via Kiri Blakeley

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