Ian Somerhalder's Early Modeling Photo Reveals Something We Never Expected About the Star (PHOTO)

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder was born to be a star. The Vampire Diaries actor and everyone's favorite hopeful for the part of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie has had the X-factor since day one. Well, at least since year 16. The newly-single Ian posted a photo of himself that was taken back in 1994 during his New York City modeling days, and dang, is it inappropriate to think it's really cute? Check it out:


ian somerhalder

Never expected a 16-year-old Ian would be so adorable!

It's no wonder he scored big name contracts to model for such high-end designers as Versace, Nautica, and Guess. The kid is clearly a natural in front of the camera, and it's great that he was able to parlay his modeling career into an acting career.

(Heads up: if you haven't seen his audition tape for Lost, you need to watch that ASAP.)

Ian's been on a real selfie roll recently -- this close-up shot of his face is the third of its kind he's posted. Maybe he's feeling a little lonely after his split with Nina and is trying to remind everyone how ridiculously, ridiculously good looking he is?

Derek Zoolander's got nothing on Ian. Nothing.

Are you a fan of Ian's early modeling work?


Photos via vagueonthehow/Flickr; iansomerhalder/Instagram

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