Amanda Bynes May Be the Inspiration Behind an Unusual New Hair Trend

amanda bynesThere reportedly has been an uptick in a very specific crime, friends: Hair extensions theft. Or as I like to call it: Weavery. Now, the shoplifting of hair extensions is by no means a new nouve crime -- no, no, no. But it apparently has seen an increase as of late. And some are speculating that maybe Amanda Bynes is the person to credit for it.

No, these people aren't saying Amanda Bynes is the one stealing the hair extensions. They're speculating that maybe she's the inspiration behind the weavery. As in, people want hair like hers. For that "haven't washed in three weeks" look.


Amanda Bynes is a lot of things these days -- pop culture fixture, avid (controversial) tweeter -- but hair icon, she is not. I feel very bad for Amanda and the downward spiral she is on, but let's get real here: Her "hair" looks like rat's nest. That's been teased. That's then had a can of pineapple juice spilled on it. That's then been teased some more. I definitely don't think anyone is stealing extensions after laying eyes on Mandy to "get that look."

Although it's a crime -- and stealing is bad -- there's something I find slightly amusing about weavery (this will catch on!). I know hair extensions are a hot thing right now, and people are stealing them to capitalize on that and make a buck. But, I don't know, when I hear "hair extension theft is on the rise", I can't help but think of two women grabbing on to the same weave, tug o' war style.

Or I think of this.

If Amanda does happen to be the hairspo behind the uptick in this specific crime, good for her, I guess. Also, different strokes, I guess. Also, I clearly have zero idea of what's in style these days. I could never imagine wanting hair that looks like that.

What do you think of this?


Image via Splash

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