Snooki's Dream Wedding Dress Isn't What Everyone's Expecting

snooki with babyDespite being engaged to Jionni LaValle for a while now, Snooki's in no hurry to tie the knot. Still, it sounds like she's thinking they'll finally do it sometime next year, and for that reason, she was musing with our friends at recently about some of the details ... specifically what kind of wedding dress she plans on saying yes to. Fun!

And if you're expecting the most over-the-top, Jerseylicious bling-bling frock you've ever seen, think again. The look she's going for aren't at all what "everyone thinks," she says. Oooh, really, now?


She elaborated:

It won't be leopard like everyone thinks—that's for my bridesmaids. I've started to look, and I love open back dresses with maybe a big bow on the butt. I honestly have no idea, but whatever I find is going to be so elegant but gaudy at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds!

Awww, Snooki, I am liking you more and more lately! That is so cute. I love that she's willing to say she has no idea right now, and that'll make it so much easier when she actually does go shopping (head to Kleinfeld's?!). Being stuck on a particular style is sure to set you up for frustration.

I also love that she's trying to strike the balance between "elegant and gaudy." Ha, that's so her. It sounds like she'll end up with something that's actually not that wild ... Maybe it'll just have a hint of showboat glitz and glam, i.e. a "bow on the butt," a bit of bling in all the right spots, a dramatic tulle skirt, etc. Ultimately, as long as she ends up with something that reflects her personality and style, she'll be thrilled. And so will we when we get to look at the pics!

What do you think Snooki's wedding dress will look like?


Image via MTV

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