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linzemae linzemae

I had a dress that I coukd add straps to. I added them for the reception and took out my veil. I wish I would have went with that look the whole day

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I regret my shoes and not wearing a veil.

Kzint... KzintiFeline

Seriously, who has "stylists" for their wedding that must be spoken to?

ajb246 ajb246

I ended up HATING my dress when i saw it on me in pics.

mommy... mommytojack0524

I loved my dress and wouldn't change a thing.  My one wedding dress piece of advice would be to honestly ask yourself (and a trusted, honest friend), "Am I in strapless dress shape?" If the answer is no, just don't. My cousin is the poster child for that: boobs and rolls hanging out everywhere. I knew I didn't want that look, so my dress had beautiful short lace sleeves.

Bellum Bellum

I wish I had worn my hair down vs. up.  I never really wear my hair up, and it did look nice, but down is more "me" .

Stephanie Carr

Things like this make me glad I eloped.

danit... danithegreat

I LOVED my dress & everything about my outfit. I almost had a big mistake but lucked out. I had bout an expensive nice corset to go under my dress to make me look skinny but wasn't at all comfy. I lucked (not that it seemed that way at the time) & got severe food poisoning with my husband the day before we left for our wedding (desition wedding Vegas) I was so sick I lost enough where the corset didn't fit quiet right & I fit in the dress better without it. Looking back had I worn it I know I'd be killing myself all night >.< 

Michelle Almeida

totally had the shoe experience >.< my feet were sore for 2 weeks afterwards! Never again...lol

mommy... mommytoeandb

LOL @ stylists.  I rarely wear makeup and did my own.  My makeup routine is lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara. I do thank my lucky stars that my dress was perfect.  I mean, I tried it on AND was there for all the fittings.  After spending $850 on the dress, I bought some comfy payless shoes that nobody saw (am I awesome or what?).  I wore my the pearls my grandmother gave me.  It really is not that hard ladies.  Don't sweat the small stuff and KISS.  ;)

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