6 Wedding Style Mistakes Brides Are Still Kicking Themselves For (PHOTOS)

corset back of wedding dressBrides have said it before, and they'll say it again: Regardless of how chill or relaxed or "whatever" you are going into it, it's shocking how the process of picking out a wedding dress is different from picking out any other outfit you've ever worn in your entire life. The dress is obviously the big ticket item, but it's quite normal to find yourself obsessing over all the other details, too -- from shoes to earrings, I sweat bullets over almost every accessory. Ironically, in the end, no matter how much time I spent debating the pros and cons of heels vs. flip flops or wearing a new bracelet I picked out with my bridesmaids vs. a friend's bracelet that would be my "something borrowed," I still suffered a handful of wedding style slip-ups on the Big Day. 

But you don't have to have worn shoulder pads a la 1986 to come to regret a fashion move you made as a bride. Here, six wedding fashion mistakes real women have made and cringed at the thought of years later ...


What's a style choice you made on your wedding day that you came to regret?


Image via Emily & Stephen Pogozelski/PogoPhoto.com

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