Pop Star's Attempt at Sheer Red Dress Goes Horrifyingly Wrong (PHOTO)

mollie kingWhoever told The Saturday's singer Mollie King that this dress looked good on her needs to be locked up, permanently. The British pop star stepped out for Glamour U.K.'s Women of the Year awards in a red "illusion" dress that was wrong six ways from Sunday. The sheer paneling, the awful cut-outs, the terrible, terrible fit ... it looks as if Mollie sewed it backstage in four minutes flat, then tied a yellow tape measure around her waist to hold it all together.

Worse? It was her birthday.


It's a sad thought to imagine that someone looked Mollie in the eye and lied to her, on her birthday, about how amazing she looked. How did no one try to stop this? Maybe her band-mates are out to get her?

The good news is, Mollie seemed to have a great time. After the Glamour event, she hit the clubs in her red dress and tweeted about the fun she was having.

Plus, there may be even better news for the new 26-year-old. Perhaps people who've never heard of her before now have -- in the pop music business, there's definitely no such thing as bad press.

Maybe Mollie's disaster of a dress was a savvy way of getting her name out there.

Well, Mollie King? Mission accomplished.

What do you think of this dress?


Photo via Splash News

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