Rihanna's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction May Not Have Been Entirely Her Fault

rihanna wardrobe malfunction outfitAs if life on the road during a world tour wasn't hard enough, now Rihanna has to contend with the aftermath of an icky misstep on stage in Istanbul a few days ago. The pop star was dancing in one of her skimpy, sexy costumes when her nether regions basically popped out of her booty shorts. Agh.

'Course the wardrobe malfunction isn't exactly new territory for the entertainer. Just this past February, she blatantly ignored CBS's strict wardrobe advisory at the Grammys, wearing an outfit that showed copious amounts of underboob while performing a tribute to Bob Marley. But as much as it seems like she and fellow pop stars are dressing down or consciously orchestrating their own wardrobe malfunctions to get tongues wagging, I wouldn't necessarily jump to that conclusion so quickly in this case.


In fact, I'd venture to guess RiRi doesn't exactly have as much say in what she's wearing as we think. I do believe some stars handle all the behind-the-scenes for their own performances and branding down to the most minute details like, "I'll be wearing this leather studded pair of Daisy Dukes vs. that red, leopard print micromini, thankyouverymuch!" For instance, die-hard fashionista Lady Gaga seems to me like someone who calls ALL her own wardrobe shots. But that said, there are likely times even she can't and has to trust a stylist.

As far as Rihanna's latest slip is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if her "people" are more to blame than she was. Just look at what she's wearing. Who would think that's something she could actually shake her booty in comfortably and without risking a fashion faux pas like this? I mean, it's barely there. And it's not even shocking or titillating. It's embarrassing. So you would think someone in her crew or entourage could have taken the time to ensure her costume was sexy without being downright shoddy and streetwalker-esque. The fact that it comes off as the latter is a damn shame.

Do you blame Rihanna for this wardrobe malfunction? Do you agree that stars probably have to take the fall for their stylists' mistakes more often than we realize?


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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