Woman Who Says Being Pretty Is a ‘Pain’ Isn’t Totally Delusional (VIDEO)


Blonde 21-year-old Dana Adiva says life is tough -- because she is just too pretty. She says that her sister hates her because she gets all of the attention, she dropped out of school because jealous peers bullied her, and having people staring at her all of the time has actually caused panic attacks. "It sucks being pretty," Dana told MTV. "People will stare at me no matter what, and it’s the most irritating thing in the world." It's easy to make fun of Dana -- and don't worry, I will -- but I empathize with her too.


In the grand scheme of things, complaining about being pretty is like complaining about being rich, thin, winning the lottery, or having too much good luck. People will want to throw stones at you. Even Dana admits being beautiful isn't all that bad, and says, "I get whatever I want. People treat me like a princess."

Ask a pretty woman if she'd trade places with a plain-looking woman and you can bet it would take less than half a second for her to scream from the depths of her soul, "Hell no!"

That said, being pretty -- and yes I know I say this at the risk of being branded conceited and delusional -- can be a pain in the ass. Not so much now (I'm aging out of it, thank god), but being pretty in your teens and 20s is a bizarre, surreal existence where you're sort of famous for nothing. And you get none of the perks of fame -- like people sending you free clothes and jewelry -- but a lot of the dark creepy side of it. Like guys who become instantly obsessed with you for no reason. Like guys who grab you as you're walking down the street and actually try to maul you or kiss you. Like guys who just can NOT let you sit alone and eat your lunch but absolutely MUST come over and strike up conversation. (Ugh, how I hated eating lunch in public!) And then they irrationally hate you if you turn them down -- as if you're obliged to sleep with every man who wants to.

Pretty girls can never really trust men -- they've been hit on by too many married ones not to know what they're really like.

Then there are the women who hate you for no reason. The coworkers who whisper behind your back every time you talk to a male colleague. The wives who won't let you even stand next to their husbands, let alone be friends with them. The usual stuff. And, no, you don't have to be a supermodel (I can't imagine what those poor girls go through). Any reasonably attractive young woman deals with this stuff.

So Dana has her points. I'd tell her to dress down a bit, and maybe things wouldn't be so hard, but that rarely makes a difference. She could wear sweatpants and a hoodie and big, thick glasses and guys will still yell out their cars at her. They can sniff out the hottie within.

The only antidote is time. Don't worry, Dana, another 10 or 20 years and you'll be as invisible as most. Still. First world problems, right?

Do you think pretty girls have issues too? Or is that absurd?

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