The 1 Beauty Product We Absolutely Can’t Live Without

beauty productsWe all have one. The single beauty product we just can't live without. Maybe we started using it when we were in eighth grade (Cetaphil, anyone?). Or maybe some lady at a makeup counter convinced us to buy it (despite it being way out of our price range), and now we're hooked. It's the beauty product that makes us break out into a cold sweat when we think for a nanosecond that it ever may be discontinued. It's part of us. And you'll have to pry it out of our cold, dead hands.

I polled some of the prettiest, dewiest, silkyest-haired women I know (the ladies of The Stir, natch) to find out what the one beauty item they could never go without was. And all I can say is: Get a pen handy. You're going to want to take notes.


Image via Connie Scholsberg/Flickr

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