Beyonce Demands No Airbrushing in Store's Ad Campaign but It's Not as Brave as It Sounds (VIDEO)

BeyonceMore celebrities and models are coming out and saying how much they hate Photoshop -- that very tool that give them slimmer hips, flatter bellies, and tinier waists. The fact is, actresses and models are getting a lot of flack for being whittled away in their ads and magazine covers, and the public is getting tired of having to look at a beauty ideal that is so unrealistic that even the beauties themselves don't remotely live up to it. So it's refreshing when the occasional celebrity speaks up about her displeasure with Photoshopping. The latest is Beyonce, who reportedly demanded that her new ad campaign for H&M be nothing but the real thing.


All of this is great, of course. Definitely a step in the right direction. The problem is ...

Beyonce LOOKS completely Photoshopped. At least in the pictures showed on Today. Are her hips really that small? Her stomach that ab-tastic?

Sorry to sound skeptical. Hey, maybe she IS that perfect in real life. And if so, then she didn't need any Photoshopping anyway, so why is it so "brave" and "real" that H&M used a naturally out-of-this-world stunning woman with perfect features and a perfect body in its ads -- but then did us all the favor of not making her appear even more ridiculously perfect?! Why THANK YOU H&M!

The report goes on to gush about supermodel Gisele Bundchen -- who also reportedly didn't get any retouching for her new ad campaign. Not only that, she didn't wear makeup. This is touted as some kind of fearless daring on par with rolling around with a pack of hungry wild tigers whilst covered in hamburger or taking a bullet for a stranger. People, she looks the same!

Hey, I'm all for not retouching photos -- except for myself, of course, I demand it -- but how about companies maybe using women who actually buy their products? How about an H&M ad showing some cottage cheese thighs? A jeans ad with a saggy butt? Once they do that, then we can all exclaim over how "brave" they are.

Do you think that Beyonce looks any different without retouching?


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Image via NBC/H&M

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