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7 Sundresses Perfect for Moms of All Shapes & Sizes

dressNothing says summer -- or summer comfort -- quite like a sundress. It's easy. It's perfect for pretty much any and all occasions. And it's cute. What more do you need? But not every dress is flattering for every body type. What's good for your friend isn't necessary good for you, and vice versa. You need to find what works for you. And I'm here to help you do that. Here are 7 sundresses perfect for every body type.

Image via Anthropologie

2Boyish: Drop Waist Dress

If you have a boyish figure, be thankful. You're one of the few people who can really pull off the adorable drop-waist trend.

3Short Torso: A Line Dress

Whether you're tall or short, if you have a short torso, an A-line dress is perfect for you. And how cute is this one from Anthropologie?

4Hourglass: Flared Dress

If you're blessed to have the body of a pin-up, a short, flared dress is the one for you. Show off those curves!

5Tall: Maxi Dress

Even though tall people aren't the only ones who can rock a maxi dress, let's be honest, they do look best on those blessed in the height department.

6Small Busted: Ruffles

For those of us not, ahem, well-endowed, a little somethin' somethin' extra in the bust area goes a long way.

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