Jennifer Lopez Literally Lets It All Hang Out in Ridiculously Revealing Stage Outfit (VIDEO)

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Jennifer LopezUhhhhhh, did you happen to see the new video clip of Jennifer Lopez performing "Live It Up" on Britain's Got Talent yet? Let me see, how shall I put this politely ...

Her butt and vag are practically hanging out of her leotard on stage. No joke. (I guess there really isn't a nice way of saying it.)

And if you think I'm kidding or exaggerating about the skimpiness of her attire, trust me, I'm NOT.

Let's just say this outfit is so revealing, it's safe to assume that J. Lo is a huge fan of Brazilian bikini waxes.

Wanna see the clip? Here you go. Be prepared to see more of Jennifer Lopez than you ever expected.


Yikes! Am I the only one who has a wedgie simply from watching that performance? (Seriously. I'm uncomfortable now.)

Ugh. And of course, some viewers are all bent out of shape because Britain's Got Talent is a family show -- and they certainly didn't expect their kids to get an up close and personal view of J. Lo's junk.

But let's forget about the inappropriateness for a second and focus on the outfit itself. Why in the heck did she feel the need to try so hard with this little number? Does she not realize that she's Jennifer Lopez, one of the sexiest women in showbiz? She's such a hot ticket that she could literally come out on stage wearing a mu-mu and still turn heads and make our jaws drop.

I get that she's 43 and all, so that's probably part of the reason she's putting so much effort into trying to prove she's still got it. But parading around stage in something that exposes your nether regions? Yeah, that's not sexy. Well, maybe on some stages, it is -- but certainly not on a show like Britain's Got Talent.

Hopefully Jen will learn her lesson and stick to clothes that are a little less risqué from here on out. When it comes to looking sexy, it's true what they say -- sometimes less really is more.

What do you think of J. Lo's revealing outfit?


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Irela... Ireland69

ah she is wearing tights skin color.  Beyonce dresses skimpy also.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Yeah, Ireland got there first. This is no worse than anything Beyonce wears. She is wearing a leotard. That is what dancers wear. If anything, that straight down camera angle when she is on her back was a poor choice on the networks part, it would have looked crappy if she were wearing a mumu. 

Mixer... Mixer_Star

It's no worse than a swim suit.

BGarcel BGarcel

Not a big deal at all appropiate-wise... but what's with the feathers?

nonmember avatar Marilen

didn't find her attire shocking or scandalous. It was appropriate for that particular performance. Have you not heard of skin colored body suits that women wear under skimpy and otherwise revealing outfits? JLO's routine did not warrant anything else and I agree, she would have looked ridiculous in a muu-muu.

nonmember avatar raul isodo

What was it we were supposed to see? The lyrics were more 'scandalous' than the outfit. You see more junk than that 100 times a day in ads.

nonmember avatar Jay

Pop singers have to dress like this so you don't notice how terrible their music is.

nonmember avatar Tina

JLo, despite the skimpy outfit is NOT a brazilian wax fan. Check out the unphotoshopped pics from her recent shoot where she was in boxing gear. She might be a democrate, but she's a fan of "bush".

Nate Ruiz

how can I see it in HD/3D ?????

nonmember avatar DP

I'm no JLO fan, but HATERS C'MON. Get over it. She's an entertainer. And a hot one at 43 I must say. Just take it at face value. It's a pop song about having fun and enjoying life. Obviously something some of you need to do. The stay at home and take care of your kids comments are not only sexist, but disrespectful to all hard working women and mothers around the world. You don't know that she's not a good mother. Such immature and judgmental comments.

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