Nicole Kidman's Hot Mess of a Hairdo Is Something You Have to See to Believe (PHOTO)

Nicole KidmanYikes! Have you gotten a load of Nicole Kidman's bird's nest hairdo at the Cannes Film Festival yet? Man. You gotta feel a little bit sorry for whoever had to tease that thing to get it to stay up in a bun like that. (Whoever it is will likely have sore fingers for weeks.)

Ok, so she definitely nailed her look with the Armani gown she was wearing, but seriously -- what's up with her hair? The look is described as a "basket of braids," but let's be honest. It's more like one huge mega-knot that probably took hours to unravel at the end of the night.

(For Keith Urban's sake, I hope she didn't make him try his hand with a detangling comb.)


It really appears as though this hairstyle was way too over-thought, like whoever came up with it had the right idea by going with a more natural vibe, but then got all carried away -- and turned Nic's hair into a bird's nest.

And doesn't it look so heavy? My neck is sore just from looking at this photo, so I can't imagine how uncomfortable she probably was by the end of the evening. (Her hair weighs more than she does, for Pete's sake.)

But lucky for Nicole, she tried this particular updo while in France, not the eastern part of the United States. Can you even imagine how many cicadas would get stuck in that thing? (I shudder to think.)

What do you think of her updo?


Image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty

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