10 Sexy, Affordable Swimsuits That Hide Your Mom 'Flaws'

red halter swimsuit vintage plus sizeHere comes summertime and all its pool parties, beach trips, and picnics along the river! Are you groaning? Fretting over all the swimsuit time in your future? Trying to figure out how you can skip THEM ALL? Well, you can if you must, but bathing suit worries shouldn't keep you away from all the fun in the sun. Girl, you need to get out there and work what you got! And we all got something!

The good news is that this year's swimsuits have lots of built-in solutions for what you probably consider "flaws." Yes, finally! There are so many different swimwear tricks now that can play up your good stuff and downplay your "other" stuff. And p.s. -- cellulite looks much worse in a department store dressing room than it ever does on the bright, sunny beach -- trust me, I've checked!

So let's take a look at some sexy swimsuits (that still cover up enough). The pricetags will surprise you too -- all these swimsuit picks are under $50!

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Sierr... SierraLynn

Honestly I would only *maybe* wear the last one. Te rest are freaking ugly.

nonmember avatar GoldieBear

If you look like this, you need to be shopping for a pair of running shoes, not a swimsuit!

Mrs.S... Mrs.Sparkle


I look like that and I swim because I can't run do to a severe back injury. I have lost 30lbs with swimming as my exercise in 2 months. Lets see a pic of u.

Ashle... AshleyD324

I like you, Mrs. Sparkle!! If I looked like any of these women I'd be rocking a string bikini!! I miss my pre-baby body :( I lost 60 lbs and got knocked right up! My son was 7 months old when I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 - needless to say, my body looks like a melted candle lol. My bathing suit looks more like a dress now...gone are the days of the cute bathing suits for me!!

Todd Vrancic

Swimming is a good low-impact exercise, excellent for losing weight.  For that, you need a good swimsuit that you will actually wear.  These seem to be attractive and there are enough variation in the styles that they have a good chance to appeal to many.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Goldiebear sorry not everybody is skinny like you apparently must be... But do you gotta be such a bitch about it? You should totally hook up with the abercrombie & finch guy, yall seem like a perfect match!! :D

nonmember avatar Rachel

Great round up of practical suits for the everyday mom! One question though, did the old navy swimsuit pic actually pass by your editors?

Coles... Coles_mom

Nothing can hide my mom flaws. 3 kids in 6 years and 40 years old. I have stretch marks all the from my knees to my neck. Not kidding.

lilma... lilmama31709

@goldiebear, and people with mouthes like you shouldn't be shopping for bathing suits or running sneakers. Maybe a good therapist, or a muzzle.

Knitt... KnittyTina

I actually have a suit that is similiar to the Target one...it has the ruching in the tummy area and a built in bra.  After two kids, my body is not going to look good in a bikini and this suit rocks!  I actually love wearing it and it totally sucks in the flab in my belly and my curves look more like an asset.  These are pretty good options for us moms out there and keeps everything supported and put in place. Much better than just a plain straight bathing suit. It makes me feel more confident going into the pool or lake and I can get that much needed exercise!

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