10 Sexy, Affordable Swimsuits That Hide Your Mom 'Flaws'

Sheri Reed | May 27, 2013 Beauty & Style

red halter swimsuit vintage plus sizeHere comes summertime and all its pool parties, beach trips, and picnics along the river! Are you groaning? Fretting over all the swimsuit time in your future? Trying to figure out how you can skip THEM ALL? Well, you can if you must, but bathing suit worries shouldn't keep you away from all the fun in the sun. Girl, you need to get out there and work what you got! And we all got something!

The good news is that this year's swimsuits have lots of built-in solutions for what you probably consider "flaws." Yes, finally! There are so many different swimwear tricks now that can play up your good stuff and downplay your "other" stuff. And p.s. -- cellulite looks much worse in a department store dressing room than it ever does on the bright, sunny beach -- trust me, I've checked!

So let's take a look at some sexy swimsuits (that still cover up enough). The pricetags will surprise you too -- all these swimsuit picks are under $50!

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