8 Awesome Tips for Summer Makeup That Won't Melt Off

summer makeupThere's good news and there's bad news. The good news is summer is almost here! Yay! The bad news is we're about to face three straight months of sweating our faces off. Literally. With the high temps and the high sun, it's almost impossible to keep your makeup looking so fresh and so clean in extreme heat.


To make sure your face doesn't look like a liquefying popsicle this summer, follow these 8 tried and true tips for makeup that won't melt off.

  1. Use a primer. You've heard it before, and here it is again: using an oil-free primer will help your moisturizer and foundation stay in place. Much like you use a primer before painting a wall, a face-primer acts to hold onto the "paint" (lotion, foundation, makeup) so that it doesn't budge.
  2. If you have to use a foundation, use a silicon-based one. Much like a primer, it stays.in.place. Personally, I'd leave any and all foundations off the table during summer months, but I get it, sometimes you want the extra coverage.
  3. Creams are your friend. Cream-based blushes, eye shadows, and lipsticks are way better than powder when it comes to holding up to sweat and heat. Powders can cake and get all clumpy -- creams stay smooth and usually repel moisture.
  4. Use waterproof mascara or, better yet, just do yourself a favor and buy Trish McEvoy's no-smudge mascara. I swear on everything that is holy (my DVR, of course) that this stuff DOES.NOT.SMUDGE. It's some tube-creating formula, and it's genius. And perfect for summer.
  5. Use sunscreen. Some of them can be greasy and make you sweat more, but Neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer with SPF 35 is not one of them. Bonus! It's cheap.
  6. Go with a lip-stain. My favorite lipstick (YSL) is really heavy and almost too much to handle when it's above 80 degrees. Come summer, try a lip-stain. You'll get all the color without any of the texture, which can make you feel weighed-down and hot.
  7. A cheek-stain isn't a bad idea, either. A few dabs of this barely-noticeable Benefit tint and your cheeks are a tipsy pink all night, without the weight.
  8. Take care of your brows! My blonde brows go bleach white in the summer and virtually disappear. If you have the same problem, make sure you fill them in with a non-powder brow filler.

Follow these simple rules, and gurl, you'll be looking fly all summer long.

What are your summer makeup tips?


Photo via Cour10eFox/Flickr

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