10 Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair Without Even Trying

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If you're like me, you've got so much hair, so little time. Once there was a time I curled and twisted and sprayed and lacquered. But those days are over! In fact, I wonder how I ever had time for all of that. Now I do as little as possible and still try to appear like I did something. I mean I don't want to look like a bunch of mice made a nest in my locks. But I just don't have an hour in the morning to wash, blowdry, brush, curl, blah blah. So here are some hair tips for women who want their hair to look good without all the fuss.


Washing. It's actually healthier to wash your hair as little as possible. This allows your hair's natural oils to build up again and moisturize your hair. Everyday washing can make it dry and brittle. The older you get, the less natural oils you have, so you can go longer without it looking greasy. I only wash my hair about once a week now; depending on your hair, you may need to wash more -- or maybe you can go longer.

Conditioning. I have thick hair, so I use a deep conditioner at least once a month, and a thick conditioner once a week. If my hair is getting a little frizzy and I don't want to wash it, I just use a dime-sized bit of conditioner or Argon Oil, spread it in my hands, and dab it all over my hair. If your hair gets limp with a thick conditioner, just use it on the ends.

Blowdrying. Too much blowdrying can make your hair look brittle, so I keep it to a minimum. If you can't let it dry naturally in the morning, then wash at night and dry it halfway or most of the way, leaving just a little bit damp. It will dry overnight.

Styling. I like to keep my hair a tiny bit damp and then put it into three thick, loose braids and let it dry overnight. Once the braids come out, it's nice and wavy. You can also do this with cloth curlers. I just use a few so my head isn't all lumpy and I can still sleep comfortably. Sometimes I'll just sleep in a loose bun for some understated morning wave.

Brushing. I keep brushing to a minimum. If it's snarly, I use a comb. In the morning, I run my fingers through it to give it a nice wave. Too much brushing can break ends and make it look brittle and frizzy.

Highlighting. I prefer highlights over single process because you can let it grow out for a lot longer before the roots start to look supremely terrible. Less dyeing means healthier hair. If you want a few highlights without the dye, try spritzing your hair with freshly squeezed lemon and water and going out into the sun for a bit.

Speaking of sun
... Using a hair product with SPF will help reduce hair damage.

Hairspray. I try to use it only if I'm going to a special event and REALLY need my hair to stay in place. Because going a few days or a week without washing when you've used hairspray every day is pretty much impossible. If your hair holds shape well, try working a mousse or styling gel into your hair when it's wet and you shouldn't need the spray.

Cut. Get your hair cut at least once every six to eight months and this is no time to be cheap. Use the best hairdresser you can find, someone who takes at least an hour to cut your hair and doesn't blab the whole time. Watch for someone who cuts slowly and methodically and seems like he or she is more interested in cutting than gossiping.

Diet. I have no real proof that a healthy diet contributes to thick, glossy hair, but I'm a vegetarian who eats a ton of fruit. I mean, it can't hurt, right?

Granted, I happened to be born with thick, wavy hair, so I probably have an easier time keeping it looking decent than people who weren't. (If it's any consolation, my eyesight sucks.) But these tips can work for anyone.

What tips do you have for keeping your hair looking good without all the fuss?

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