Miranda Kerr Has Stunning Double Nip Slip, but Was It an Accident?

The Australian supermodel parted ways with Victoria's Secret last month but we've just seen more of Miranda Kerr than ever.

On a photo shoot for Kerr's skincare line, Kora Organics, the 30-year-old was wearing a gauzy, off-the-shoulder black sweater dress that was, apparently, no match for the blustery Miami weather. Down it came -- and she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, either!!

Paparazzi caught the double nip slip before assistants rushed to cover her up. Kerr certainly seemed surprised, although she's not exactly the bashful type. Last month she shared a topless photo of herself in the surf -- with her arms kind of hiding the goods -- from another Kora photo shoot. Hmmm...


What is it with celebrities showing off their privates these days? From Eva Longoria to Gwyneth Paltrow, they all seem to have "wardrobe malfunctions." Lately it's rare for even a day to go by without some star or another revealing a little too much of herself. Does no one wear undergarments anymore? Where are their highly paid stylists with the double-sided tape? And are these things really accidents?

Somehow I think the answer to that last question is no considering how many headlines they grab by flashing what's under their clothes. And how often they wind up posting their "oops" moments on Twitter and Instagram.

Interestingly, the very same day as the double "slip," Kerr shared a photo of herself and fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco in an embrace. The shot caused a flurry of followers to claim she was disrespecting husband Orlando Bloom. Hmmm again. It sounds suspiciously like one giant publicity stunt to me.

Do you think Miranda's nip slip was an accident?


Image via 2TOP:Wallpapers, Fashion, music/Flickr

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