I Washed My Hair With Spring Water to Make It Shiny -- But Does It REALLY Work? (PHOTOS)

Poland SpringWhen I read an article claiming that the secret to shiny hair is rinsing it with spring water, I thought, Ha! And: That's ridiculous! And: What a waste of money!

Oh ladies, I was so wrong.


Yes, in the interest of the brave field of beauty blogging, I undertook the bold experiment of washing my hair with bottled spring water. I figured I'd debunk this silliness with my journalistic prowess, just like Christiane Amanpour! However. Much to my utter amazement, I noticed a big difference the very first time I tried it. I know. I was totally shocked.

In the shower, I used my regular shampoo and conditioner. Then, not wanting to pour cold water all over my body, I got out of the shower, bent my head over my bathroom sink, and poured about a fourth of a gallon of Poland Spring water (that I pilfered from our hurricane-preparedness kit -- don't tell my husband!) over my head. It was most unpleasant; though not refrigerated, the water felt chilled! I used just enough so that my hair felt thoroughly rinsed out. This is silly AND COLD, I grumpily thought to myself. But then ... oh then!

I went back to work (in my home office), letting my hair air dry, which is what I do about half the time; the rest of the time I blow it dry. When I looked in the mirror again a little later, I was TOTALLY AMAZED!! I kid you not: my hair looked shinier and brighter and felt softer than it has in recent memory! The article I read said the theory is that you have to do it for two weeks, but I really saw a difference after just that first time. However, I kept at it for about a week and a half, during which I washed my hair four times (I don't wash it every day, obvi! My hair doesn't like being overwashed; it gets angry and dried out), and used up the gallon of Poland Spring, which means the experiment really wasn't that expensive at all. I mean, maybe a bottle of Evian could work even better, but I doubt it!

I did try to take before and after photos but I feel like they don't really do the experiment justice -- however, here you go:

LEFT = BEFORE This is after "doing" my hair with blow dryer and one of those flat iron thingies that curl your hair.

RIGHT = AFTER This is four spring water "treatments" later using the exact same shampoo, conditioner, and hair products and implements.

It's hard to see, but maybe you can get a rough idea? (But why am I not smiling in the first one? Lame! Also: I really need to get my highlights done!)

Here's another photo I took of myself later that night because I thought the light in the bathroom of the restaurant we were in was so flattering! Haha.

 April Hussar
See? Shiny!

Bottom line: though no one is going to hire me as a professional before-and-after photographer, take my word for it -- a few rinses with spring water just might be what your hair needs to go from kind of dull and flat to soft and gleaming!

Outtakes (note my daughter's photobombs!):

April HussarDoes this seem ridiculous or will you give it a try?


Images via Poland Spring and April Daniels Hussar

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