N.Y. Governor Cuomo Warns Khloe Kardashian Her Inappropriate T-Shirt Is Illegal

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian is in hot water with Governor Cuomo of New York because of a t-shirt. The reality star didn't wear anything too revealing or racy, rather it was the logo on the tee that's caught the state's eye. Apparently, the design on one of Khloe's Rich Soil brand shirts mirrors the Department of Agriculture's a little too closely.

As in, Khloe's company, which she backs with husband Lamar Odom, totally ripped off the D.O.A.'s design and she just got served.

The state sent her a cease and desist letter, and as a result, the t-shirt in question has been removed from the Rich Soil website. Khloe's yet to comment on the ordeal, but I'm pretty sure she's used to saying "Oops! Sorrrrrry" and moving on.

Because this isn't the first time she and her family have come under fire for their lackadaisical if not totally illegal business practices. The girls were involved in a $10 million lawsuit after makeup brand Kroma alleged that the Kardashians' makeup brand Khroma stole their name. Then there was Kim copying a jewelry design and ripping off a Fendi dress, then there was the fact that almost every handbag in the Kardashian Kollection knocked off high-end designers, then there was the rumor that their stuff was being manufactured by slave laborers in China ... and now this. Khloe's kopying the kommonwealth's krest.

For a family that prides themselves on being "business people", they sure do suck at it. Sure, they might be unfairly targeted by opportunists looking to cash in, but nevertheless, the Kardashians do seem pretty lazy when it comes to making sure all their ducks are in a row before they slap their label on it and start selling.

It's almost as if their manager can't be bothered with checking up on such things. What -- is she too busy being Queen of F*cking Everything to bother with infringement laws?

This round goes to Cuomo.

What do you think of the Kardashian business practices?


Photo via The Guise Archives/Flickr

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Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

Isnt the DOA a government organization, paid for by our tax money and therefore public domain? I would think so...if not, it should be.

tuffy... tuffymama

Horrible people. I wondered what the fuss is, but the only things different about the logo on that shirt are the words, and there is a trumpet where the barn is on the DOA logo.

nonmember avatar kobekaci

tuffymama- You wondered what the fuss was. Exactly. So you either didn't know what the shirt looked like or didn't know what the NY DOA logo looked like. You are correct that they are NOT identical. I can't stand the Kardashians but this is crazy. How is a tee shirt hurting the DOA. If the general public saw that shirt and thought to themselves... "gee isn't that the NY DOA logo and if so I'm never buying anything from a farm or grown in soil again"... then ok. I'm just not understanding how this shirt would have an impact on the DOA. More people know when Khloe takes a crap then what the heck the NY DOA logo looks like. DOA could also stand for Dead on Arrival, no? I suggest changing the name to Dept. of (petty) Soil so we don't get confused. Geez.

lvmom76 lvmom76

I think what the writer is trying to say is everything about them is fake and they cannot come up with their own ideas.

LostS... LostSoul88

an illegall shirt in the US? Now I have heard everything. 

rose2691 rose2691

That whole family's 15 minutes of fame are up!!  Why are people still talking about them.


nonmember avatar Avalon

@Nonmember - it may not necessarily be harming the DOA, but someone can't take a copyrighted design and make money off it without asking permission first or licensing the design from the person or group that owns the original design. The same thing happened in music when they sampling riffs from other songs. Now, they have to ask permission first, provide a portion of the profits from the sales and give credit to the writers of the original song in the credits.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Why should the government care who COPIES "their" logo or if it is "close" to their logo? TAX PAYERS PAID for it! WE THE PEOPLE, own that logo!

As for what the Kardashians do doesn't concern me. I clicked on this out of curiosity. No fan of them ....

Beatrix Muircastle

I'm no Kardashian fan but I'm uncomfortable with a shirt being illegeal.

nonmember avatar Ralphie12

Just because our tax payer fund pays for the department doesn't mean one individual should profit from it.. We should be outraged she is making money from our taxpayer funded logo.. She's making millions people, and you are siding with her? Besides, if I made t-shirts with FBI on them, or police fake badges, is that okay? What if a criminal used said paraphrenalia and committed a crime? The government has every right to protect that which is representative of them (often for our own safety).

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