Kate Middleton's 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Looks Awfully Familiar Somehow ...

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Kate MiddletonOh, those celebrities and their "wardrobe malfunctions." These days it's about a nip slip or a crotch flash, but back in the day, Marilyn Monroe was probably the first celebrity to "accidentally" show us some body parts she didn't mean to -- when she played a girl in a movie called The Seven Year Itch who stands over a subway grate and lets the breeze ride her white pleated skirt all the way up past her undies. The image became iconic. But other celebs have done the 'Marilyn' seemingly without meaning to. Kate Middleton is the latest famous face to inadvertently show off her famous legs and nearly her entire butt when her white dress takes flight. Why's it always white?! Here are six other celebs who've had the famous 'Marilyn' malfunction.

Britney Spears. Brit flashed her buns at an unfortunate locale -- her sons' Jayden and Sean's soccer game. Brit was wearing a loose white T-dress when Oops! she did it again. A pesky gust of wind revealed her bottom cheeks to her sons -- who presumably have seen them before. But their friends probably hadn't. Embarrassing mommy!

Taylor Swift. Her skirt blew up past her undies while she was on stage in front of thousands of people. She doesn't look too happy about it either. What'd you expect with all that wind effect, Tays? By the way, Taylor has a superb derriere!

Beyonce. A gust of wind blew Beyonce's dress up in Tokyo, revealing her bare tatas to the audience. Reportedly she wasn't wearing a bra. Unfortunately TMZ seems to have lost the rights to show video of this. Boo!

Jessica Chastain. The wind got this Oscar-nominated ginger while she was wearing a wraparound dress on the set of her latest film. Huffington Post was kind enough to put a star over her privates.

Khloe Kardashian. Khloe's dress blew up to reveal -- horrors! -- her Spanx underneath.

Joss Stone. The young singer's white dress blew up while she was onstage at Coachella a few years ago. When will singers learn about short dresses and stages?!

Has your skirt ever blown up in an embarrassing place?


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Jay Souza

Yes, I did have a wardrobe malfunction, but in black, does that save me?

I was going to my English course and I walked over a subway grate, or something else of the sort. The dress was made of very light fabric, so up it went, on my face, and letting everyone on the street take a long look at my undies. 

waity... waitykate

Too bad that Middleton still doesn't weight her hems to keep the dresses from blowing up and exposing her...that polka dot dress blew up and showed the crowd her "privates"...again. 

She is an exhibitionist and I'm afraid she has mental illness. Because she has had this problem of her dresses going up without ever trying to solve it. This time I couldn't tell from the photo if she has finally started wearing underwear or not, but in the past like in Calgary,Canada, her dress went up and she was NOT wearing panties and shame on her, she was there to meet a child with cancer. That child was probably scarred for life by seeing Waity without panties on.  There are at least 4 separate incidents that I know of where Kate's dress went up in public...so she KNOWS it can and will happen. Middleton needs a psychiatrist.  

Middleton used to go without panties in her party days when she chased William for years, and she was photographed like that and drunk too. She went nude outdoors in France which underlines her preference to show herself.  She has mental issues. No pasted-on so-called "royal" title can fix her problems.

gabby416 gabby416

Happened to me the other night, wearing a black skirt with pink lace undies, playing pool with my fiancee.  It was my turn to shoot, and wouldn't you know it, that darn stick got cought in my skirt and hiked it right up!  Now I am a short person, so, it doesn't take much for too much to be seen!  I quick;y lowered the stick while my fiancee sat there giggling like a school boy.  :)

lovem... lovemyson1224

I don't know if this happened to anyone else or not but the joss stone link took me to a porn site. LOL.

tuffy... tuffymama

You should give a porn warning for that last link. Totally unacceptable and disgusting. Seriously. Not everyone wants to see that crap.

Jessica Rose Moldenhauer

She's an exhibitionist and has a mental illness?  Oh my lord, I am in STITCHES laughing about how dramatic you are!  Hilarious, thanks for the giggle, @waitykate!

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

I was about eight months pregnant and on my lunch hour.  I got out of the car to go into Wendy's for lunch when a gust of wind literally blew my entire dress straight up so that the bottom was practically over my head.  I had to beat it back down.  I'm sure the very busy dining room got an eye full if they were looking, I know I didn't look to see if anyone was laughing.

squir... squirrelml

my comment is in response to waitykate-what makes you think she has a mental problem-just because she doesnt like to wear panties? Back in Roman days no one wore panties-the men thought that-it cut their man hood-gene pool. And sense when is it anyone's business whether one person wears panties-in the first place?


nonmember avatar Sheila

Never had one blow up. Had one fall off in the street however- it was a wrap skirt, and when I got out of the car, the wrap tie came apart from the dress, the stitches had come out. It fell to the street. Luckily there was a black slip underneath.

nonmember avatar Sam

i don´t think she meant to be disrespectful to anyone she´s just clueless

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