4 Stunning Billboard Awards Looks & 4 That Shouldn't Have Left the Hanger (PHOTOS)

nayerThe fashion at music awards shows is always a little out there. And last night, the 2013 Billboard Music Awards were no exception. We had glittery pantsuits; we had sheer "skirts" over leotard-type things; and we had lots and lots of plunging necklines. Some of the celebrities looked sexy as all get out; and some looked just plain weird. Here are the 8 best and worst looks from the Billboard Music Awards.

Image via Splash

  • Worst: Miley Cyrus


    While this sparkly Alice in Wonderland-esque jumpsuit isn't for everyone, you still gotta hand it to the girl: She dresses how she wants, and how she wants only.

  • Best: Selena Gomez


    Loving how Selena's dress is both fancy and fun -- and it's sexy without being too over-the-top. Gorgeous.

  • Worst: Madonna


    We get it. Madonna has an unbelievable body. But maybe it's time to try a new look?

  • Best: Kelly Rowland


    It's impossible to find a single thing wrong with Kelly Rowland's look. The dress, the hair, the shoes -- flawless.

  • Worst: Nayer


    Nayer is a beautiful woman, but I don't know, something about boobs and a hood is a little odd.

  • Best: Nicki Minaj


    Nicki and her outfits tend to go one of two ways: Completely out there and ridiculous, or unbelievably gorgeous. Her stunning red gown at the Billboard Awards was definitely the latter.

  • Worst: Chris Brown


    Just not feeling Chris's Tetris-y-looking sweater. And just not feeling Chris Brown.

  • Best: Emmy Rossum


    Sure, Emmy's one of many celebs doing the sheer thing, but something about this black, Gothic gown just speaks to us.