Kate Middleton Makes Her 'Servants' Protect Her Famous Hair With Umbrellas in the Rain

Kate MiddletonPrincess Diana was known as the "People's Princess" for her way with the hoi polloi. She had that common touch and everyone loved her. The same could be said of Kate Middleton. But all it takes is one photo to make you realize that royalty are not just like you and me. After a recent shopping trip, Kate was escorted through the rain by a security team who held out a bunch of umbrellas to keep the droplets from touching royal skin and hair.

Kate had her famous auburn locks twirled into a loose bun and she was dressed down with jeans, sneakers, and a tweed coat. But that did not mean that anything of the H2O variety would be allowed to get near Kate's perfect visage. Can you imagine if the Duchess got the frizzies? Or even worse, mascara streaks? NEVER!!!

Hey, the rich and famous don't carry their own umbrellas, people. Kate was reportedly carrying her own bags in this photo. But not her own umbrella! Let's not go THAT far, okay?!

Obama recently made a Marine hold an umbrella for him and the press went ballistic about it. Marines are typically not allowed to carry an umbrella because it could interfere with a salute. At least Kate left it up to her security team and didn't stick the brolly in the hands of a British soldier. And Obama doesn't even have nice hair! What gives?

Let's face it, Kate with bad hair would be an epic imperial disaster. Countries might go to war over it. CAN'T HAPPEN. Look how hard she's worked to get princess hair. You don't let a little drizzle bring on the "ordinary folk" hair, no sirree.

So, look, Kate isn't like you and me. Just in case we've somehow deluded ourselves into thinking she would totally have a playdate with our brats, or tea and scones with us after work. Kate won't have a brat. It will be a prince/princess. And you will never get your common mitts on Kate's scones.

The peaches complexion. The Rapunzel hair. The perfect fashion style. IT. MUST. BE. PROTECTED.

Jeeves! Get over here with that umbrella!

Does anyone ever carry an umbrella for you?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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Serab... Serabelle

Why is this news!!!! No world leader carries their own umbrella! Hell, most celebrities and rich people don't! This isn't new, nor is it noteworthy

bills... billsfan1104

First of all, way to assume, that she did it because she didn't want to get her hair wet. Second, why aren't you bitching about Obama, who disrespected our Marines by making them hold an Umbrella over him. That is something to bitch about.

nonmember avatar micmac

I'd be most grateful for someone holding an umbrella when I had handbags and shopping to juggle when it is raining. That is a time when ordinary folk are at their most vulnerable to losing things and petty crime. Perhaps that is part of a security guard's job to hold umbrellas for shopping royalty and has nothing to do with the Duchess putting on airs and graces.

nonmember avatar Stella

Bills, you are so ridiculous. You find something to bitch about in every article, particularly if it has to do with Obama. Somehow I can't imagine that President Obama demanded that the marine get over there and hold an umbrella over his head. And somehow it's disrespectful to have a marine doing that? Sheesh, how do you get through a day? You must be the most stressed out person on earth. Chill out and stop trying to find fault with everyone.

nonmember avatar Pam

I imagine this is an attempt at satire because otherwise it makes the author sound mean and petty. Unfortunately, it's just a poorly written post.

tuffy... tuffymama

Kiri is mean and petty, and pitifully un-self-aware. That notwithstanding, I do think this was a lame attempt at satire. And Obama can suck it. (So I hear.)

bills... billsfan1104

Stella, I haven't commented on the Beyonce article or every article. Way to exaggerate.

Chrissi Dunning

I have several Marine friends who were not offended by the Obama situation. They said although it's not typically done, it's not completely out of the ordinary. A couple even said that they have held umbrellas for superior officers  more than once. There are way more important things to worry about in this country than the fact that a marine held an umbrella. The picture even showed Obama supporting the man's elbow. OMG, that's so douchey right?? *insert eye roll* As for Kate Middleton, who the heck cares??? She's royalty, she should have someone carry her umbrella for her! It's a perk of being her...Who wouldn't love that?? maybe Kiri is a little jealous??

MyToe MyToe

Also, she's pregnant!  They don't want her to get sick while the royal baby is on board.

nonmember avatar Marella

Diana was a goddess.

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