Kristen Stewart & Miley Cyrus in Black & White Jumpsuits -- Who Wore It Better? (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusWhat does the sexiest woman in the world wear to a party in her honor? A jumpsuit, of course. Miley Cyrus attended Maxim's Hot 100 fete and stunned in a black and white Valentino jumpsuit. Reese Witherspoon wore the dress version to the Oscars in 2011, but clearly there's nothing more on-trend right now than a chic onesie. Kristen Stewart's been rocking the jumpsuits recently -- so has Charlize Theron and Zoe Saldana.

And where there's a trend, there's a "who wore it better" question just begging to be answered.

Here's Miley at the Maxim party:

miley cyrus

And here's Kristen at the On the Road premiere:

kristen stewart

Miley's shows off her shoulders while Kristen's highlights her slim waist. It's hard to choose a winner, but I gotta go with Miley. Hers fits her like a glove and it's cool, comfy, sophisticated, and chic all at once.

In fact, it's nice to see Miley in Valentino. Between the photos of her in pink underwear and those of her wearing incredibly short shorts, I'd almost forgotten what Miley looked like in clothes.

Also worth noting, Miley's been spotted wearing her engagement ring. There have been plenty of rumors that she and fiance Liam Hemsworth are done, but if the ring is any indication, these two are definitely still on.

Here's hoping she wears a wedding jumpsuit instead of a wedding dress. That'd be awesome.

What do you think of the jumpsuit trend?


Photos via MileyCyrus/Twitter; Jason Merritt/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty

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Erinly Erinly

I really don't care for either of them, but they both look amazing!

leona24 leona24

Kristen Stewart. She's pretty and she's real. Miley is so fake. She looks like a dyke with that hair. Just nasty!!

Marlene Smith

Kristen Stewart for sure looks like Mileys pants are to long on her

nonmember avatar terrika

Both, but I like Kristen better.

Tamela Plaine

I'm not a fan of either....esp Miley Cyrus but I love her look in the pics.

Tiffany Kan

Kristen Stewart is much much better in the dress

tesscat tesscat

wow leona, REALLY? that was really rude and uncalled for.

i like miley's actual outfit better, but i feel like kristen pulls it off more. 

nonmember avatar Chris

I like both..But obviously Miley looks way better here!

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