Secret to Emily Maynard's Gorgeous Hair Will Totally Shock You

emily maynardThink what you want of her, but Emily Maynard is a gorgeous girl. That smile. Those legs! And that hair. To die for. Oh, to have chemically-treated locks like Emily's, that, for whatever reason, still manage to look super healthy and bouncy!

What's the woman's secret? Well, it apparently isn't eight-hour trips to the salon, or $400 deep conditioning masks. Emily actually credits something she bought late night off of QVC for her envious hair. Hmph. Whodda thought?


Emily, a self-professed QVC-addict, credits Chas Dean's Wen products for her gorgeous locks. She said: "I'll never forget the night I was flipping through the channels and came across the super fabulous Chas Dean talking to Alyssa Milano about how he was about to transform her hair with Wen Cleaning Conditioner. My life has never been the same. Ok, thats an exaggeration but my hair has never been the same since that night."

Inneresting. If you watch the Bravo show Flipping Out, you may remember Chas Dean as the owner of the hair salon Jeff Lewis was redoing. If you don't watch that show, please unread the previous sentence. No, but in all honesty, my dad actually bought me Wen conditioner a few Christmases ago (random, I know), and while it was nice and smelled lovely, I definitely wouldn't go as far as to say it was "life changing."

I'm sure Emily has a whole arsenal of things she uses on her hair, in addition to her beloved Wen products. And I wouldn't be surprised if every so often, she squeezes in an eight-hour salon appointment. Celebs. Always giving half the story.

What products keep your hair looking amazing?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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