Farrah Abraham's Used 'Sex Tape' Bikini Is for Sale, and EWWW!

farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham is unstoppable. In her quest for fame, the Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom star now has that pink sparkly bikini up for sale on eBay. Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that produced Farrah's "sex tape", apparently is auctioning the nasty item -- and bidding starts at, uh, $500. No thanks on that one, guys!

I'm sure some creepo will wind up purchasing the swimsuit -- for much more than $500 -- but the fact that this is even up for sale is just ... gross. And weird. Seriously, who wants to own a used bathing suit? Especially one worn by Farrah?

According to TMZ, the fact that the bikini is listed as "used" means that it hasn't been washed since gracing Farrah's toned body. And apparently it even shows signs of "wear and tear", like self-tanner stains and glitter from Farrah's body lotion! The listing states: "Farrah's bikini ... straight off Farrah's body and into your hands."

It really is amazing that this is the world we live in -- a world where a girl who is mildly famous from having a child as a teenager puts a "used" bikini up for auction for $500, all because she boned some porn star on camera.

But like I said, I'm sure that bad boy will go for a lot more than the asking price.

Would you ever buy Farrah's swimsuit?

Image via Vivid Entertainment


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Tara Gilliam Willoughby

Gross....who would want that nastiness...other than some creep who is nasty themselves

bunny... bunnyxlover

comes with a little bit of James Deen

johni... johnie_carney

I live in council bluffs, iowa where this piece of trash is from. lets just say she is the piraha of the town. her family is the town joke. i seen her once at the gas station with her mom and sophia. sophia OF COURSE was not in a car seat in the back. this was last summer and in the state of iowa you need your child in a booster at least until 7. she and her mother are idiots.

johni... johnie_carney

and dont let her fool you with all the I DONT HAVE FRIENDS. she was so mean to everyone around her no one wanted her around. she treated sophia's dad like shit. he wanted to be in the picture then when he dies she wants to be the victim. she doesnt show her face alot in the town where she is from bc ALOT of people hate her here for what she is representing.....

Lauren Kellems

"Used" does not mean unwashed.  I'm sure it hasn't been washed, but by eBay standards, "used" just means it has been worn.  The journalists on this website are so dramatic!

For those who are interested, the bidding is already up to $13,000.

Angelia Elliott Thomas

She is nothing more than Trash Just like KIM KARDASHIAN

monta... montanaemery

Ew. No... I would not support the rediculousness.

Kari Horner

Because degrading the woman is the right thing? No one is a perfect person. Don't forget she does have a best selling book, a degree, her own products. Why judge a woman who's making money! Im not agreeing that selling your porn clothes is cool or even making porn is the thing to do, BUT she wouldn't do it if America wouldn't want it.

Nancy Moore

OMG!! How damn desperate can a person get?! Nothing like selling a possible disease or the aftermath! YUCK!! Has anyone ever heard of soap and water or even amonia??


Tasia Bobbitt

wow that is just seriously disgusting and disturbing that anyone would pay any money none the less 13,000 and then some dollars for a yucky used porn bikini. so gross!!

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