Selena Gomez’s Sexy Bikini Body Must Drive Justin Bieber Insane

selena gomezAh, to be 20. Selena Gomez was photographed soaking up some sun in Miami over the weekend looking effortlessly perfect in a string bikini. The "Come and Get It" star lounged poolside with some girlfriends, sipping on some tropical beverages and enjoying the scenery. A few weeks earlier, Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough were also in Miami for a girls' getaway, and also showed off incredibly toned bikini bodies and stylish resortwear.


If this were fourth grade and Nina, Julianne, and Selena all lived in the same neighborhood, Julianne would be president of the Hot Bikini Girls With Great Style club, Nina would be Veep, and Selena would be Treasurer. During club meetings they'd discuss where they'd go on vacation and which bags go with which sun hats. It would all be so delightful. And mature.

When not showing off what she's working with, Selena covered up at the pool in a white, eyelet tunic, an oversized black beach hat, and black cat-eye sunglasses. Tres chic.

Noticeably missing from Selena's posse was off-again, on-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. He's busy sipping on some beers in South Africa, but I'm sure it's driving him wild to see photos of Selena's sexy Miami style.

Because I'm certain nothing makes Bieber more insane with jealously than wearing Missoni bikinis, flowy cover-ups, and sipping tequila sunrises poolside with the girls.

What do you think of Selena's poolside style?


Photo via emel109/Flickr

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