Khloe Kardashian's Massive Hoop Earrings Would Only Look Good on a Kardashian

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian has a very specific look -- all the Kardashians do. They go big. Full hair, high heels, dramatic makeup, leopard prints, diamonds, errythang. Some may say it's a little gaudy (and it is), but for them, it works. Could you imagine them in flats, jeans, and baseball caps? No way! Their look is "Kardashian" through and through, and that's why we love/hate them.

But it's definitely not for everybody. These "hoochie hoop" earrings Khloe tweeted herself wearing? You can't be just any ol' girl and wear them.

In order to rock "hoochie hoops" -- Khloe's words, not mine -- you need to have other stuff going on. Some hair, some makeup, some joojing. I mean, look at Khloe's massive ring; false lashes; and long, red nails. It would actually be weird if she didn't have giant diamond hoops on with this get-up. Her ears would look like a neglected stepchild.

When it comes to accessories, I'm typically a "less is more" kind of girl -- a single pendant; a thin gold ring -- but I think if you're going rock hoochie hoops, you've gotta go hard. You've gotta supplement. Hoochie hoops don't stand alone.

So the next time you and your gal pals are hitting up Claire's Boutique, browsing for some ear jewels, remember, ladies: If you're going to buy a pair of big, sparkly hoops, you best throw a statement ring into that basket, and go get your nails did. Hoochie hoops aren't just a pair of earrings, friends. They're an experience.

Do you ever wear big, hoop earrings?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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Rache... RachelsMercy

I wear earrings like that all the time. And I am not a Kardashian. I am not a hoochie, and I am not ghetto. I don't do my hair makeup and nails all up either. This post is just dumb.

nonmember avatar AshleyG

^the bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho


curly... curlygirl31

Wore those from 5 th grade through high school in the 90s. So did all my friends.

nonmember avatar singer825

Yea, big hoops are a staple of my wardrobe and have been for the last 15 years. People actually tell me I look like a gypsy when I wear them because I also like to wear scarves in my hair. Or I may get teased because I can literally fit my hand through them so people say I'm wearing bracelets in my ears. Never gotten hoochie though.

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