Woman Flushes $22K Engagement Ring Down Toilet but Porcelain God Gives Her a Break (VIDEO)

I think we all know that feeling when we're sitting there on the toilet, minding our own beeswax, taking a well-deserved whizz, when Omigawd! My $22,000 engagement ring is in the can!! Okay, most of us probably don't know that feeling, because most of us have never laid eyes on a $22,000 ring unless we were pretend-shopping at Tiffany. But that's what happened to one woman in Hampton, Virginia. And yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, because the woman got very, very lucky.


After realizing her small-country sized ring had been flushed down the crapper, the woman reportedly called up a local sanitation company. She got lucky because the home she was in had its own sanitation system.

The lucky sanitation crew got to sift through the waste for three days until they spotted the bling and returned it to her finger (after a really, really thorough cleaning, one hopes). Lady, the crap gods were smiling on you! The porcelain throne loves you, woman!

One wonders exactly how anyone manages to flush a ring down the toilet, but I guess there are some possible ways:

- You take your ring off for some reason -- perhaps to wash up or put on lotion -- and put the ring on the back of the toilet. Always a bad move.

- Your ring is too big and slips off -- into the toilet. Naturally.

- You just can't help playing with your ring while you're taking a long dump and whoops! You dump something else.

One time I had my purse placed on the back of the toilet in a restaurant, and when I stood up, the entire thing plummeted upside down into the urine-filled commode. The purse was open. Everything was doused. I managed to gingerly fish out the stuff I considered important -- like my license -- and left the rest for management to deal with. Sorry. But that is what you get for not having shelves in your bathroom!

This story makes me wonder about anyone with a $22,000 engagement ring. These things can get lost so easily. At least with a cheap ring, it's not a big deal. And it doesn't sound like she and her fiancé are billionaires or she wouldn't have panicked so badly.

Anyway, glad she was reunited with her ring -- she went through enough of crap to get it back!

Have you ever dropped anything expensive down the toilet?

Image via NBC

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