Celebrity's Black Wedding Dress Made the Wrong Statement on Her Big Day

black dressSome celebs try to make an impression with out there style on the red carpets of events like the Met Ball. Others are just as "outspoken" with their fashion choices in their everyday lives. Even on the biggest days of their everyday lives -- like their wedding day. Hey, when you have access to and an interest in couture, why shouldn't you rock it whenever you can? But sometimes, it's clear these fashion-forward stars are just trying way too hard.

Take what 90210 star Shenae Grimes wore to her wedding to model/musician Josh Beech, which took place at a countryside tudor manor this past Friday. Her tulle gown looked fairy tale perfect, except for the fact that it was black.

Check it out ...


shenae grimes twitter pic wedding dress black

Come on, now. You can't tell me she didn't wear that purely for shock value! (Especially when you hear that she also walked down the aisle to, get this, house music?!) Okay, sure, maybe because she also thought it was pretty and unique and didn't give a hoot about the conventional symbolism of the hue, which is generally thought to be negativity, death, mourning, dishonesty, depression, etc. Ugh. Then again, it bears noting that it was an expensive dye in the past, so it's also associated with elegance, sophistication, power, and sexuality. Interesting, right? And sounds like better news for Shenae and Josh.

Obviously we want to convey a certain feeling or impression with the colors we choose for our wedding day -- whether it's the shade of our dress, our bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, etc. We already know white makes us think of purity, innocence, simplicity, etc. Doesn't hurt to consider the psychology of the other colors you're committing to ...

Red - Undoubtedly one of the most popular colors for a bold bride's wedding dress (actress Melissa Gilbert rocked one last month), flowers, or bridesmaid dresses, red has always been deeply associated with passion, desire, and love. In some cultures, it symbolizes purity or good fortune.

Blue - My fiance and I chose ocean blue as one of our dominant colors -- the bridesmaid dresses, his tie, some of the little decor details -- not only because we got married in Miami Beach, but because we both feel it's peaceful color. It's also associated with honor, loyalty, trust, dependability, and stability. Perfect! 

Pink - You don't have to look much further than Reese Witherspoon's and Jessica Biel's wedding gowns to know "blush"-ing on your wedding day is so in right now. Seems like a smart choice symbolically, as it stands for femininity and romance.

Green - Vitality, nature, health, and some may say wealth.

Purple - Also used to be a pricey dye, so it came to symbolize royalty, elegance, and wealth. See: Sofia Coppola's dress.

Yellow - A favorite for flowers/decor or shoes, yellow usually calls to mind optimism and cheeriness. But experts warn not to pair it with certain other colors (like black, which can remind your guests of bumblebees) and to know it doesn't work on every skin tone if you're considering it as a bridesmaid dress color.

Orange - Excitement and energy, enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, satisfaction, and a passion for life. 

How do you feel about black wedding dresses like Shenae's? Did you consider color symbolism when coordinating your big day?

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