Reese Witherspoon Shows Off Hot ‘New Mom’ Legs in Sexy White Shorts (PHOTO)

reese witherspoonLooks like a drunken arrest did somebody good. Reese Witherspoon killed it recently in a pair of short white shorts, a button-down blouse, and aviator sunglasses. Witherspoon was attending son Deacon's football game, and I'm sorry -- did this woman just have a child? She looks amazing in white shorts.

White shorts, people! Moms -- new moms! -- can wear short white shorts! Rejoice! Okay, stop rejoicing now. Go buy white shorts! Do it!


I honestly never thought to buy or wear white shorts. It's not that I have a particular aversion to them, I just, I dunno, think of them being more of a super preppy item of clothing, or something that ought to be paired with a hoochie mama top when going out to da club. But the way Reese paired a sheerish blouse and stylish flat sandals with these bad boys makes me rethink white shorts. I seriously may go buy a pair. Love this look.

But wait. Before we all go out on a white short-a-palooza here, let's take note of something, ladies. Let's note the length of Reese's shorts: Not too short, not too long. They're, quite literally, the perfect length. She doesn't look age-inappropriate in the pair that she's chosen. You don't want to be the mom with the shorts jacked up to high heaven at your kid's game, but at the same time, shorts that graze the top of your kneecap -- eh, it's not a great look. (Especially if you've got a body like Reese's!)

So, yeah. Looks like Reese's outfit may have breathed new life into my boring, old wardrobe. Now Googling "straw fedora sun hat" ...

Do you wear white shorts?

Image via Splash

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